Price vs Service

Often times the subject of pricing will come up with customers. Someone will ask, “why aren’t you as cheap as,,,,?” Here is my take on the matter. First off, I have always strived to be competitively priced, not the cheapest, but not the highest. Those who choose the Walmart style of pricing typically have phones staffed by persons who either cannot answer your questions, or simply cannot take the time needed to do so. As we all know, time is money, and if you cut your price to the bone, you aren’t making money answering questions. On the other hand, if you have your parts and pieces priced reasonably, you can help the customer make an educated decision on their project, and or assist with making them faster. Tyler and I spend hours upon hours on the phone and at the counter sharing our advise and expertise with customers as well as non customers as a service to them. So, please keep this in mind when shopping. Your business is greatly appreciated, and as we approach 2023, its my sincere hope for success for us all in the coming year!

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