JRPW Signature Series Flathead Engine


Our quality machine work, testing, and experience set this engine apart from the competition. This engine is fully machined, with replacement valve seats and full length valve guides precision honed to size. We weld the lifter bore, angle deck the cylinder, and port and polish for max airflow. We align bore the cylinder and diamond hone to exacting clearance. The valve seats are perfectly finished with our Rottler seat and guide machine. We add a pair of blueprinted valves, a pair of perfectly matched valve springs, and top off the cylinder with one of our machined heads. We complete the package by adding one of our signature “Attack Series Carbs”, with its precision machined body, offset throttle shaft, and hand picked internal parts to insure the highest possible airflow. Included in this are a pair of billet lifters, billet rod, and all the go fast goodies we can legally fit inside this powerhouse.  Each piece is hand selected to insure maximum horsepower. This engine comes standard with our billet header support, oil vent kit, and a lightweight filter adapter. Restricted class engines also include a max-size restrictor plate. Dyno tested and tuned to meet our highest standards of quality, this engine is ready to bolt on and win,,,,,,, just add oil and fuel. Powder coating is also included at no additional charge.1850

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