Machine Shop Services

JRPW is one of karting’s best equipped machine shops with state of the art machinery and techniques to keep you ahead of the pack. Every chore is done “in-house,” nothing is sent out. This insures that you’re getting the very best quality, service, and horsepower. Contact us for all your needs, if it can be done, we do it. Accurately and quickly. 

Machine Shop Services 2020

Clone/ Predator/ Animal Engines

Align Bore and Diamond hone for stock Class

Align bore and Diamond hone up to 2.815


Diamond Hone Cylinder$35
JRPW Competition Valve Job$50
Remove and Replace Stock Valve Seat, Includes Valve Job, Minus seat$80
Install Oversize Valve Seats, Includes Valve Job, Minus Seats, Pair$160
Counterbore Valve Seat Area to un shroud valve$45
Brace and Support BlockFrom $95
Weld hole from broken rodFrom $45
Deck Block$30
Deck Head OHV$30
Machine Valve Bowls for NKA$45
Deck Block$30
Port and Polish  Modified Classes$75
Port and Polish AKRA$50
Bore Clone Carb$45
Blueprint valve $8
Polish Crank$12
Machine Valve Bowls NKA$45
Machine Valve Bowls Modifieds$45
Replace Valve Guide, including valve job, Ea$45
Machine Piston for correct deck height$25
Install cylinder sleeve OHV (includes sleeve)$215
Install 3” OHV cylinder sleeve (includes sleeve)$215
O-Ring cylinder head or block

Weld Deck Extension onto Block (plate not included)

Clearance Stock Rod

Flathead Engines

JRPW Competition Valve Job

Install Full Length Valve Guide, Hone to Size, Machine Seat, Ea.

Port and Polish

Diamond Hone Cylinder

Diamond Clearance and Finish cylinder (up to .015″ stock removal)
Each additional .010″ stock removal

Align Bore and Diamond Finish Cylinder

Machine Spring Pockets

Machine Lifter Clearance

Deck Cylinder Head

Install Cylinder Sleeve and Diamond Finish Bore

Weld Lifter Bore

Deck Block

Machine Valve Pockets in Head

Bore Carb for Stock Classes

Bore, Machine, Polish Carb for Stock Appearing Classes (plus parts)


















Disassembly, Cleaning, and Re-assembly may incur additional cost.

Custom machine work and welding services are available, contact us for a quote. We specialize in aluminum welding and repair.    

Custom Powder Coating
JRPW is the area leader for Professional, Show Quality, Powder Coating. Making your parts and pieces stand from the crowd, thats what we do at JRPW.

Engine Rebuilding
Rebuilds begin at $265 plus parts and machine work. Give JRPW a call today to get on the “Fast Track”

Some engines weren’t born breathing fire, that’s where we come in!

Clutch Blueprinting
JRPW proudly offers our clutch blueprinting service. Our clutches consistently win the race to turn one. We machine all the contact surfaces to insure the necessary flatness and surface finish. We match spring pressures, weights, and spring heights to provide the highest level of performance. We rebuild clutches of all brands and can help you get to turn one faster than ever before. Rebuilds are $35 plus parts.

JRPW Cut Tires and Tire Programs
Cutting tires is another one of our specialties at JRPW. We use the latest Jones Super True tire machine to cut and shape tires for your specific application. Tires are one of the most important aspects of karting and JRPW has the technology and expertise to provide you with the results you desire. Let us be your full service tire store. We stock Van-K wheels in all sizes to coincide with our extensive inventory of tires. We are also a full line Track tac Distributor and carry a complete line of tire chemicals. JRPW is also proud to offer our full service tire program. Let us handle your tires from the start all the way to victory lane. JRPW Cuts are a “Cut above the competition”. Pricing starts at $20 per tire. Contact us for details.

The rubber has never met the road like this before!