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Price vs Service

Often times the subject of pricing will come up with customers. Someone will ask, “why aren’t you as cheap as,,,,?” Here is my take on the matter. First off, I have always strived to be competitively priced, not the cheapest, but not the highest. Those who choose the Walmart style of pricing typically have phones staffed by persons who either cannot answer your questions, or simply cannot take the time needed to do so. As we all know, time is money, and if you cut your price to the bone, you aren’t making money answering questions. On the other hand, if you have your parts and pieces priced reasonably, you can help the customer make an educated decision on their project, and or assist with making them faster. Tyler and I spend hours upon hours on the phone and at the counter sharing our advise and expertise with customers as well as non customers as a service to them. So, please keep this in mind when shopping. Your business is greatly appreciated, and as we approach 2023, its my sincere hope for success for us all in the coming year!

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Custom Build, or Cookie Cutter

We often get calls asking if an engine is in stock and ready to ship. Thanks to the Good Lord Above, business has remained at an extreme level for many years so having an engine built without a home isn’t a reality. To add to that, I’ve never agreed with a one size fits all mentality with an engine.

We always gather info at order time about the size of the track, projected rpm drop, total weight, etc., to help us make decisions that will insure the best possible performance is achieved and the desired results, Victory!

Different cam timing, ignition timing, rotating assembly weights, they all play a part in acceleration/ low end power vs top end power.

JRPW chooses each part to best suit YOUR needs and YOUR engine. Rest assured, your JRPW engine is built especially for you!

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Cylinder bore geometry is an often overlooked part of building small racing engines. Roundness, taper, surface finish, and cross hatch angle are all important factors that must be addressed. To produce optimal horsepower, a cylinder must be perfectly round and straight, anything less and your rings are not sealing properly. Here at JRPW, we diamond finish our cylinders on a Sunnen automatic honing machine. This machine produces a perfect cylinder every time, with a consistent cross hatch angle. Size, roundness, and taper are verified to .0001 and finish is checked with a Mitutoyo profilometer. Factory cylinder finishes as well as those produced by portable hone heads will not yield the accuracy we require at JRPW.

Just a few points to consider when choosing your engine builder or machine shop. Technology and accuracy produce results.


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To Machine, or not to Machine

Today, the racing kart engine world is loaded with lots of names, decals, and facebook pages. Some look really impressive, others are excellent photographers, and others have an unbelievable price on their engines. Let me take a minute to help you see through the smoke.

With that said, there are lots of quality builders throughout this country. Most all of these builders are friends of mine, and many we do work for. These builders all share a common trait, they machine and build their engines, anyone that does not perform machine work is not an engine builder, they are an engine assembler, same thing you can do yourself.

Today’s racing engine takes machine work, PRECISION machine work, lots of precision machine work to make it perform at the highest level. Otherwise you are making an assumption that your engine came from China race ready missing a few parts,,,,,,,,,you and I know much better than that.

When making your choice on a builder, look at the machinery and tooling used, is it the same stuff used 25 years ago? Or is it on par with the technology used in the highest forms of motorsports.

JRPW has invested more into technology, machinery, and tooling over the last number of years than most all the rest of the small engine world combined. This, along with our over 38 years of machining experience and over 27 years building racing engines, makes the choice extremely clear.

Take a look at our shop, our machinery, and our processes, I am 100% confident you will agree too.

Keep the pedal Down!


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Stock Clones and Air Filter Oil

A subject I’ve covered before, but worth revisiting is the effects of over application of air filter oil. These engines create a pulse that draws the air/ fuel mixture into the engine, and with any blockage at the filter, the suction increases, and with it the fuel volume goes up, creating an overly rich condition. This will not only lead to poor on track performance, but will foul plugs like mad and often stall during caution laps. To balance protection and performance, I recommend spraying the filter lightly at arm’s length. I would also suggest keeping a spare filter or two and cycling them out during race day. Best way to check yourself is to start the engine without the filter in the pits, and make sure the engine doesn’t change tone as you install the filter onto the adapter. Jimmy

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Welcome to JRPW! May 9, 2020

Welcome to the all new JRPW Racing website and web store. This site has been in the development stage for months, and after lots of hours, we are pleased to present it to you, our valued customer. Please bear with us on the short term, as there is a few small details to wrap up before the store is completely functional. This has been an incredible undertaking and I am extremely proud to bring our shop, special products, and inventory live to you.

Please browse our site, build your cart, and send it to us via, or call us at 706-863-1206, and we will be happy to process your order and get your components on the way, until we are fully operational.

We are proud to offer the industry standard in Engines, Cylinder Heads, Prepared Blocks, Carbs, and Machine work. We are extremely proud of our work and are happy to offer it to you to make your racing experience all it should be.

Items are still being added to the store, so if you have a need and do not see it, please contact us.

Engines and components can be built and prepared to your specific needs, and anything can be tailored to your desires. JRPW builds custom and unique better than anyone.

Again, Thank you! Your business and support is what has allowed us to be where we are today!


Jimmy Rivers